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Featured in this issue

Wilson Industrial Electric: At Home in Elberton Granite Country, 
by Peter J. Marcucci 

Weeping Water Stone Works, by Shannon Carey 

Innovative Brace Setter Solves a Time-Consuming Task, by Shannon Carey

MIA+BSI Announce Pinnacle and Tucker Design Awards Call for Entries 

17th Annual Sax Stonecarving Workshop–Two Summer Sessions 

Principles of Synchronous Flow, by Ed Hill 

Notable Quotes

Dining Al Desko, by Sharon Koehler 

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston 

Video Captures Dramatic Horse Versus ’Gator

This Job Calls for an Expert

Millennials, Oh My, by Sharon Koehler 

Loud Shrimp – Aren’t They a Band from Seattle?

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell 

Tell Us How You Really Feel About Your Taxes

The Irony Award of the Year Goes To...

This is Not a Strip Mall

Learn Market Strategies that Push & Pull Customers, by Michele Farry

Top 10 Irritating Co-Worker Habits

MIA+BSI: The Silica Rule Update – What You Need to Know 

Laser Products Announces Canadian Expansion 

Our First Experience with Dekton®  by Mark McMunn

MIA+BSI Announce Call for Entries, Industry Recognition Awards 

Is the Conditioned Response a Limiting Factor on Your Business? 
by Aaron Crowley

The Plague of Nutty Instructions, by Sam Venable 

My Cat is a Gangsta

Lessons in Dating

Airline Humor

Spanish Courses Added to MIA+BSI’s Natural Stone University 

NTCA Names Howard Martin Tile Person of the Year 

Why Tile (SM) Debuts at Coverings 2017 

The Slippery Rock Classifieds 

Did You Miss Me?

The Funny Pages

Now That’s Cravin’

First It’s Bedbugs – Now It’s Snakes?

Getting to Know Your White Stones, by Karin Kirk 

More Haste or You Get Wasted

When Recycling Turns Sinister

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