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Featured in this issue

DEPARTMENTS: Industry Spotlight

Southern Kentucky Granite: Planning for the Future, by Peter Marcucci 

WF Meyers: Reinventing After 130 Years, by Shannon Carey

How Do You Fabricate a Neoclassical Stone Mansion? by Steven Schrenk 

Veneto Table Offers a Safe, High-Quality Solution for Stone-Topped Furniture 

Training and Education Sponsored by Braxton-Bragg

Natural Stone Academy 

This is a Talent Agency? by Dave Oakley

Accreditation Webinars Now Available on Demand from NSI 

Industry Topics, Tips and Regulars

Are You Ready for a Raise? by Sharon Koehler

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston 

Goodwill Toward Men, by Sharon Koehler

Turn Your Remnants Into Cash, by Codiak San Herrell  

A Few Things Could Get Lost in Transit, by Sam Venable 

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell 

Know Your Rocks, by Karin Kirk 

Are You Equipped for Winter Weather? by Jessica Sherwood 

How I Went from Poser to Closer, by Aaron Crowley 

Stone and Tile Industry News

Bart Bettiga Receives NTCA Ring of Honor Award Reaches 100 Online Articles Milestone

Braxton-Bragg Expands West Coast Presence with Joe Torres, New Regional Sales Manager 

Polycor Announces Merger with Indiana Limestone Company  

Crossville Launches Astral Plane Porcelain Tile Collection

NSI Seeks Volunteers for Xiamen Stone Fair Delegation 

Use Natural Stone Featured on TLC Show Make This Place Your Home  

Braxton-Bragg Adds Premium Vinyl Ester to Stone Shield Adhesive Product Line

ISFA Names No Lift Install System Best New Product at 2018 Conference 

25 Years – Braxton-Bragg’s Story in Stone 

The Lighter Side 

Virginia Man Allegedly Stole 7 Right Shoes, ‘Call My Lawyer’ Sweatshirt 

Loco for Doritos

There’s Only One Way to be Sure: Nuke ‘Em from Orbit

Candy Crush

Don’t Fear the Repo (Man)

Goodwill Workers In NJ Find Original 1774 ‘Rebel’ Newspaper

Fly the Tipsy Skies

Notable Quotes

The Funny Page


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