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Featured in this issue

DEPARTMENTS: Industry Spotlight

Braxton-Bragg Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence, by Shannon Carey

Granite Empire: Four Locations and Growing, by Peter Marcucci 

Making a Splash in the Kitchen with a Natural Stone Backsplash, by Megy Karydes 

Could the Laundry Room Be the Next Living Room? by Steven Schrenk 

Training and Education
Sponsored by Braxton-Bragg

The Curse of Callbacks, by Ed Hill  

Park Industries Offers Educational Sessions at Their TISE 2019 Booth 

Natural Stone Institute Reveals Education Schedule at Their 2019 TISE Booth  

Hammer+Nails Education Track at TISE 2019 Includes Stone and Tile Industry Experts 

Industry Topics, Tips and Regulars

Savings Strategies, Part Two, by Sharon Koehler

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston 

Take Back Control of Your Phone, by Sharon Koehler

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell 

Reduce Your Consumable Waste and Increase Profits, by Codiak San Herrell  

Help Your Clients to Help You Help Them, by Aaron Crowley

Stone and Tile Industry News

NTCA Elects New Executive Leadership 

Natural Stone Institute Joins KBIS & IBS for Design and Construction Week®

Park Industries Receives 2018 ISFA Envision Award

Cambridge Researchers Develop Self-Healing Concrete

The Lighter Side

Notable Quotes

Record Catch: Move Over, Bass Pros

Bulletin from the “Not My Fault” Department

Shoulda Gone to Waffle House

That’s Just Al, My Hot Tub Buddy

A Tale of Two Ears, by Sam Venable 

Condiment Rage is a Thing?

The Funny Page

Don’t Let Your Truck Do the Talking

Christmas Came Early

Best Waffles and Security in Town

Who Ya Gonna Call–Animal Control?

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