Intermac never misses an opportunity to help customers embrace the enduring advantages of Industry 4.0. The company’s exhibit at TISE StonExpo raised the bar again. Visitors got a chance to see the Master One, a CNC designed to work in a cell with Master Loader, a robotic arm designed and built to optimize loading and unloading times for work centers and water-jet machines. 

The Intermac booth at 2020 StonExpo showcased several machines and new technology like the EasySTONE CAD program and the SOPHIA IoT platform.

The Intermac booth at 2020 StonExpo showcased several machines and new technology like the EasySTONE CAD program and the SOPHIA IoT platform.

Intermac’s Master ONE CNC machining centers were in full operation, along with two other leading-edge machines— the Donatoni Jet 625 CNC bridge saw and the Montresor Vela vertical edge polisher.

Intermac’s Master One performs varied machining operations, enabling shops that work with natural stone, granite, marble, synthetic and ceramic materials to achieve quality finishes for bath and kitchen countertops. At the show, company technical experts also explained how EasySTONE by DDX, the unparalleled CAD/CAM software option, brings out the potential of the Master range. “EasySTONE provides software integration between multiple machines,” said Michele Ragno, Intermac’s V.P./Stone. “With one software program, countertop fabricators and stone shops will be able to program both the cutting machine and the profiling machine, all from the office.”

Intermac also showcased the new SOPHIA IoT platform at the show. 

Through intuitive dashboards, SOPHIA provides information and data in real time from machines located around the world. The platform speeds Industry 4.0 automation by making it easy for facilities to monitor production, analyze how machines are functioning, identify malfunctions, assist clients in maintenance operations, order replacement parts in less time, and conduct preventative maintenance.

Fabricators and owners stopping by the Intermac exhibit at TISE StonExpo also learned more about how the company is serving customers better than ever through a $3 million expansion of the Biesse Group Campus in Charlotte. Diamut America’s new tool redressing facility opened in 2018 and its 10,000-square-foot manufacturing facility began operation in 2019. Further expansion plans also include a 12,000 square-foot office addition.

Biesse Group is a global leader in wood, glass, stone, plastic, and metal processing technology. It designs, manufactures and distributes machines, integrated systems and software for manufacturers of furniture, door/window frames and components for the construction, ship-building and aerospace industries. It invests on average 14 million Euro per year in R&D, boasting over 200 registered patents. It operates through 8 industrial sites, 34 branches and 300 agents and selected dealers, exporting 90 percent of its production. Its customers include some of the most prestigious names in Italian and international design. Founded in Pesaro in 1969, by Giancarlo Selci, the company has been listed on the Stock Exchange (STAR segment) since June 2001. It currently employs 3,800 people around the world.

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