Pfister, an industry leader in thoughtful, architectural design styles for every taste, is introducing two new innovative kitchen faucets steeped in practical luxury and sophisticated design with a series of three new features that make life easier in the kitchen. The company is known for stylish and elegant, feature-packed pieces for the kitchen and bath including bestselling and award-winning product lines, and state-of-the-art technologies.

"We are proud to maintain our position at the forefront of inspired style and functional luxury," said Steven Relaz, Pfister Product Manager. "Pfister's three new kitchen faucet features notably enhance the usability of kitchen faucets and make kitchen clean-up more efficient and seamless."

The series of three new features includes:


Pfister's MagnePfit magnetic docking features powerful magnets that keep the spray head firmly secured to the spout. A firm connection is important for a seamless user experience to prevent a dangling spray head that looks out of place. The magnets work in conjunction with the heavy weight located on the hose to provide quick and effortless retraction of the spray head after use.


Manually aligning the spray head after each use can be cumbersome. Auto-Align simplifies that process by removing the need for manual alignment and positioning. Threaded grooves are subtly located at the base of the spray head and work with corresponding grooves inside the spout to re-orient the spray head for perfect positioning. Auto-Align even allows the option to have the spray toggle buttons face outward for easy identification and operation, or facing to the back for a more concealed, smooth appearance.


This innovative spray pattern is engineered to blast away hard-to-clean messes with ease. The high-pressure water blade uses high velocity and concentrated force to cut away hard to clean messes from plates, cups, sinks and other surfaces. 

All three features and more are will first be available on two new exquisitely designed models, the new Norden™ pull-down kitchen faucet and the new Port Haven™ pull-down kitchen faucet.

Pfister's new faucets
Norden Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Though considered a transitional design that plays well with multiple interior styles, Norden also embodies many of the elements that make up the modern sensibilities of today. Angular edging alongside soft swoops and curves become 3-D art that's as ergonomic as it is captivating. In addition to HydroBlade, Auto-Align and MagnePfit, the Multi-function spray heads with wipe-clean nozzles and a lifetime warranty round out this feature-rich offering. 

Norden is available in Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome and Matte Black.

Pfister's new faucets

Port Haven Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Whether you’re feeding four or forty, you can do it with flair. Industrial design gives the Port Haven collection just enough edge to offset the oh-so-elegant, statuesque faucets that make a statement in your kitchen without ever uttering a word. These faucets are anything but ordinary. Keeping with the theme of popular trends, Port Haven thrives in modern rustic, modern industrial and eclectic traditional kitchen designs. 

Port Haven is available starting October 2020 in kitchen and bath showrooms nationwide.

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