Ribbon Black Geotzzo

Ribbon Black Geotzzo

Geotzzo is new collection from Artistic Tile that brings modern rhythm and updated style to an eternal classic.

A feature of outstanding design for centuries, terrazzo uses marble chips in a cementitious mix, traditionally poured and ground in place. 

The floors of monumental homes and palaces around the world are of poured terrazzo – it has a style that suits the most elegant spaces and truly spans the ages. 

Geotzzo takes classic terrazzo and spins it, using modern cutting technology to embed larger marble shapes into Squares, in Grey and White colorways, and Ribbon, in striking black and white.

Both patterns enhance the regular background of terrazzo with modern shapes and elegant stone to both embrace the classic form, and elevate it.

Geotzzo patterns may be customized in the USA or paired with modified Venezia Terrazzo field tile via Artistic Tile’s Tailored-To program. 

Visit the artistic tile website for specifications on Geotzzo installation, www.artistictile.com.

Squares Grey Geotzzo and (right) Squares White

Squares Grey Geotzzo and (middle) Squares White