The stepfather of a 5-year-old boy who brought 50 packets of heroin to show-and-tell was arrested after going to the school in search of the drugs, police say.

The student went to kindergarten with his stepfather’s jacket and pulled out the drugs in 10 small plastic bags when it came time for his presentation to the class, Bridgeport police told the Connecticut Post. The teacher grabbed the bags away from the boy, and the principal called police.

The boy’s stepfather, Santos Roman, 35, was arrested after arriving at the school.

Roman was searching the school for his stepson when he saw the jacket in an empty classroom, grabbed it and ran out of the school, police spokesman Keith Bryant told the newspaper. He said police, who had already seized the drugs, then took Roman into custody.

Roman was detained on $100,000 bail on risk of injury to a minor and drug charges. It’s not clear if Roman has a lawyer.

The boy was put in state custody until other relatives could be located.

The drugs are worth about $500 on the street, police said.

Source: Connecticut Post,