If you’ve got a beef about the beef, don’t dial 911. Rockwood, Tennessee resident Donna M. Nichols learned that lesson after calling 911 twice to report that the Hardee’s hamburger she’d purchased “tasted funny,” authorities said.

“Yes ma’am, I need to see if I can get an officer,” Nichols said, adding that she only took a small bite out of her burger and that it was “nasty.”

Dispatchers reported Nichols called 911 twice, the first time from a pay phone in front of a liquor store.

“Who seriously does that?” asked Hardee’s customer Quenelle Frazier.

Rockwood police say Nichols called 911 trying to get her money back. “The food is no good,” Nichols said. “She said I can bring it back and I could have my money back, but now she’s saying she can’t do anything until tomorrow,” she added.

Rockwood Police Department officer Dwayne Gray said Nichols told him that before dialing 911, she’d called Hardee’s and “they had told her to return and they would refund her money,” according to the arrest report.

Instead of that refund, Nichols, 50, was handcuffed and charged with abuse of the 911 system.

“You have to be on some drug just to call 911 for a beef sandwich and get arrested and be charged for it,” Frazier said.

“I wouldn’t call the police over a burger. It was good,” said another Hardee’s customer, Kayla Clark.

WATE 6 News stopped by the home Nichols listed as her address, but were told she was evicted months ago.

Neighbors say this is just another bizarre incident Nichols can add to her long criminal history.

She’s been charged more than two dozen times for various offenses including drugs and public intoxication. She’s appeared in Roane (pronounced rh'own) County court on May 21 for her latest offense.

Sources: Knoxville News Sentinel