The Stone Cobbler Paver Press can turn waste stone into money-making pavers and tile. It’s a great way to use materials that you would normally have to send to the dump.The Stone Cobbler Paver Press can turn waste stone, originally destined for the garbage heap, into money-making pavers and tile, said Product Manager Steve Bussell.

“This tool actually stamps out shapes from scrap granite,” he said. “The die is just like a cookie cutter. It stamps the shapes out just about as fast as you can slide material in. It is a great way to use materials that you’d normally have to send to the dump. Dies can be custom-made to any shape you like.”

Shapes can range in size from ¾ inch strips all the way up to 12-inch by 12-inch blocks. Many standard dies are also available.

The press is manufactured by East Tennessee-based RYE-Corp., which specializes in designing dedicated, easy-to-use equipment for the stone industry, such as the Fab King Work Center.

The Stone Cobbler takes an existing idea in the industry and improves upon it, said RYE-Corp. owner Rod York. “We’ve made ours simpler, safer, and easier to use.”

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