Furry Porch ThiefA Chicago family sitting on their front porch witnessed an unusual package theft when a squirrel grabbed a parcel envelope and took it to the roof of a building.

Noemi Gutierrez said she was on her front porch with her family in Avondale when they spotted a squirrel approaching an Amazon package that had just been dropped off to a building across the street. Gutierrez’s mother recorded video as the squirrel grabbed the package and carried it up a 2-story brick wall to the roof of the building.

“We laughed and couldn’t believe it,” Gutierrez told Block Club Chicago. She said the squirrel is suspected to be the same animal that stole her tortillas from her porch earlier in March. “I just want to know how many packages are in the roof or between the crack,” Gutierrez said. “That squirrel is a troublemaker!”