Stone Equipment & Supply AllianceA group of 37 US and European based companies in the stone equipment and supply industry have formed

The Stone Equipment and Supply Alliance with the purpose of communicating a unified voice regarding industry events and trade shows.

A board of directors has been formed and is composed of the following industry leaders:

  • President

– Mike Schlough – Park Industries 

  • Vice President

– Rick Stimac – BB Industries

  • Treasurer

– Ivano Tirapelle – Comandulli NA

  • Secretary

– Nick Wadenstorer – BACA Systems

  • Member at Large

– Michele Ragno – Biesse America

Nick Wadenstorer of BACA Industries shared, “This is a great opportunity for stone equipment and supply companies to make the trade show experience better for both exhibitors and fabricators.”

For more information or to join this alliance, please contact Jon Lancto of Big Fish Consulting, 843-860-4150, email .