Brandon Carr

Brandon Carr, outside sales

BB Industries LLC is proud to announce the latest member of their outside sales team, Brandon Carr. 

“Carr joined us In April and is working from BBI’s new fulfillment center in Salt Lake City, Utah. He brings 15 years of sales experience to BBI, most recently selling aerospace and machine tooling, said Jeff Dykstra, VP of Sales and Marketing. 

“Carr will be starting in a hybrid position fulfilling multiple needs for the West Coast, as well as the new Utah fulfillment center. This includes visiting customers as an outside sales associate, providing sales support, and answering incoming phone calls after Knoxville (EST) business hours. This will allow us to have West Coast sales support for both internal sales and customer service until 5:30 Mountain Time, 4:30 Pacific Time, and 7:30 Eastern Standard Time,” said Dykstra.

“I appreciate the warm welcome and emphasis on family here,” said Carr. “I’m ready to put my sales experience with high-end tooling to work in a new industry.”

“We continue to grow our outside sales team, and Brandon will fill an important role in our West Coast and national sales support,” said Dykstra. “He’ll play a pivotal role in providing 100 percent customer satisfaction.”

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