Fredrick M. Hueston, Ph.D, the Slippery Rock Gazette’s own Stone Detective, has spent years exploring the chemistry of stone repair.


Now, with his Blue Be Gone kit, fabricators can get a second chance when fate (and chemistry) conspire to mar their work.

Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue provides fabricators a useful too when it comes to sealing seams and repairing flaws in stone, but sometimes the accelerant used to activate it can cause unsightly stains. “What happens on certain types of granite is you would get this bluish-green bloom sometimes,” Hueston said. “It's a bear to get out. I've developed a process that uses a series of chemicals and a procedure to remove it absolutely.”

Removing the stain may require more than one application of Blue Be Gone depending on its age and depth.

Hueston, a nationally known consultant, is the founder of Stone Forensics. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical and physical science from the University of Central Florida and a PhD in technical science from Bridgewater University. A certified master stone craftsman and architectural conservator, Hueston has appeared on the Discovery Channel, HGTV and several local talk shows. He has published more than 100 articles on stone installation, care, and restoration.

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