BRAXTON-BRAGG wants to give fabricators finer control over their polishing tools with the Stone Pro Honing-Polishing Head.

Stone Pro Polishing Head

Usable on all CNC and radial arm machines, the Honing-Polishing Head is spring-loaded to ensure a constant, even pressure on the face of the stone. It is used for honing or polishing stone surfaces.

Brad Winn, sales manager at Stone Pro Equipment, said the finer control over the polishing process allowed by the head can save fabricators money. For instance, fabricators wanting to cut out a small vanity top with an antiqued surface would only have to texture the amount of material needed —not the entire slab for the sake of consistency.

“It’s a very costly process if you have to antique the whole surface of the slab,” Winn said. “If you’re only using 4 square feet , what do you do with the rest of it? It’s an easy upsale.”

Braxton-Bragg Product Manager Steve Bussell said the Honing-Polishing Head provides far greater consistency than workers can accomplish free-hand. “It’s impossible to do that with the human hand,” he said.

The Honing-Polishing Head is ideal for use with the Fab King Granite Countertop Fabrication Center distributed by Braxton-Bragg. It can be used in multiple processes, Bussell said “You can use it with a standard pad or backsplashes. You can use it for antiquing brushes.”

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