Merilee Kern, MBA

Forbes Business Council Member

Amid high heat, aside from general comfort and performance it is even more important to be cognizant of heat-related health concerns. Beyond recreation, this is yet more critical for those who work outside in the debilitating heat. Heat stress can trigger heat stroke and other deadly consequences, with throngs of people worldwide succumbing to preventable heat-related illness and deaths each year. So serious the situation, heat stress may affect more than 1.2 billion people annually by 2100, according to a Rutgers University study. And, according to the CDC, there are more than 600 deaths attributed to extreme heat conditions in the United States every year. These can be entirely preventable by taking precautions and keeping the body cool. 

One innovative way to do just that, in accordance with CDC recommendations, is with Chiller Body —a custom freezing gel pad insert that invisibly tucks inside most headwear. It’s an easy way to ward off heat exhaustion and stress to stay comfortable, healthy and productive at work ... and at play during off hours. At home, it can even help keep everyday chores like mowing the grass, working in the garden, or landscaping more enjoyable, more comfortable and, most importantly, safer. 

Chiller Body —a custom freezing gel pad insert that invisibly tucks inside most headwear

The Chiller Body  cooling gel insert proffers a dual-sided cooling experience. Use the “Cool Chill” side for a soft fabric feel and gentle cooling experience, or flip it over and use the “Extreme Chill” side for a much higher cooling intensity. Whichever you prefer, the insert is easily placed within any kind of hat or headgear to keep the wearer cool, thwarting heat stress-related concerns in the process. Reusable and easy to put in place and remove, this hat insert is comfortable, lightweight and flexible so it molds to any head shape and size. Plus, it’s sealed so it isn’t damp or wet, which can lead to bacteria and malodors, and it allows for maximum air flow to prolong the cooling experience. Sold as a 2-pack, you can wear one insert while you re-cool the other for an all-day cooling experience.  

Whether for yourself, workplace colleagues or employees, or friends and family, Chiller Body is a must have safety gadget for the sweltering days of summer.

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