When fabricating larger, more fragile pieces of stone, you need to have as much support as possible when moving it around the shop. And as the stones get larger – over 10 feet, and taller,  up to 80 inches – those oversized slabs need a larger cart than the traditional dry wall shop carts. 

Weha Large Shop Cart

The Weha Large Fabrication Shop Cart was made specifically for this. But, of course, it will take care of all the shop needs for moving marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, onyx, porcelain, sintered stone, and anything else that comes through the shop.

The Weha Large Shop Cart is made out of 1-1/2 inch-diameter pipe with 3 bolted support bars to handle the weight of the stone.

The surface deck is 53 inches long by 1 inches deep. The surface deck also comes with a white rubber mat.

There’s a convenient 10-inch between the support bars next to the surface deck for an additional storage area that is perfect for backsplashes. Just slide a board in and you can set the backsplashes on top. This will allow you to keep the entire job or two on one Shop Cart throughout the fabrication process.

The load height dimensions of the Weha Large Shop Cart is 54 inches. For any size island or full slab, it will ride super safe with very little stress on the stone hanging above.

As a little bonus, the Weha Large Shop Cart comes with a plastic storage bin for a tape measure, pens, markers, etc to keep with the cart.

The Weha Large Shop Cart ships disassembled for compact shipping. For more information contact sales@wehausa.com, or their authorized distributor’s website, www.BBIndustriesLLC.com .