Stiletto Crocs

Crocs went on sale less than 20 years ago, but they’re already experiencing a “renaissance,” according to The Independent.

And for the Spring 2022 season, Crocs are getting a crossover boost from luxury fashion house Balenciaga: New models feature a stiletto heel (which looks more like a Lego piece) under the traditional green or black perforated upper.

The new model may cost as much as $1,000, but social media isn’t on board. The new version of the foam clog seems to feature its usual look, but with the surprising (and, if you ask some, disturbing) addition of a stiletto heel. The shoes' debut rocked social media, becoming a hot topic for many on Twitter.

"WE DONT WANT THIS," one user put it succinctly. A handful are pressing the brands to announce a release date. Most, unsurprisingly, are giving it the meme treatment.

As strange a pairing as it may seem, this isn't the first time Crocs and Balenciaga have teamed up: Their first partnership in 2017 saw the creation of an $850 pair of platform clogs that sold out before they were even officially released, according to W Magazine.

MundstuckIf the high-heeled Crocs aren’t outre enough for you, look into this accessory: the Mundstuck, made by MYL Berlin. “Mundstuck” means “mouthpiece”;

this high-style one fits over the bottom lip and decorates the chin, Oddity Central reported on June 7. MYL Berlin calls it “structured, chic and daring. ...

It nestles perfectly on your lip without applying pressure or hindering your mobility.”

The stainless steel Mundstuck comes in black, gold or silver and in three different designs. Prices reportedly range from $75 to $140.