Sean McCool

Direct Marketing Strategist

WHEN I’m setting up Profit Funnels™ for my clients, one of the most overlooked and most effective is the Direct Mail Profit Funnel.

Most business owners tell me it doesn’t work or that it’s just too complicated.

Well, if that’s you, I’ve got some good news.

The good ol’ U.S. Postal Service has just made it both easier and cheaper for you to get your message out to the perfect prospects hiding in your town.

Before I explain how you can take advantage of this, let me show you a few reasons why you should:

One – Direct Mail Still Works

Fact is, the biggest and most successful companies on the planet still use direct mail. Even Google uses direct mail to send out coupons to get businesses to try their online advertising.

Two – Direct Mail Gets to Your Customer

According to BizReport 2010, up to 85% of a store’s customers come from a 5-mile radius. There is no other advertising media that has a higher probability of getting seen by your target customer then direct mail. Everyone goes to their mailbox.

Three – Direct Mail is Cost Effective

On a cost per lead basis, direct mail is still one of the cheapest ways to advertise… especially for local companies.

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So, that’s the facts, but I want you to prove it to yourself. So, here’s how the USPS would like to help you out:

“Every Door Direct Mail

Maybe you’ve seen the ads, and maybe you’ve ignored them. Doesn’t matter, because I’ve been watching for you – hey, that’s my job as a marketing expert.

Basically, the USPS wants you to mail more stuff more often. So, they’ve made it a little easier.

There’s really only four basic steps. Plus, almost everything you need to know is online at

Step One

Log on to and set up an account for the “retail” Every Door Direct Mail program.

Step Two

Pick the area you want to reach. For this step think about the neighborhoods where your very best customers have come from. Then target those areas as close as possible using the zip codes and carrier routes.

Step Three

Get your marketing piece created and have a local printer print it. There’s even a guideline page you can hand or send to your printer.

While we’re on the subject, let’s do a quick review on what your marketing should include.

Make sure your marketing piece has a good headline with a benefit or offer that will make your prospect stop dead in their tracks as they are flipping through the mail. It’s not about being pretty, It’s about getting attention.

Also, make sure you tell the reader exactly what your offer is and how to take advantage of the offer right then.

Use a deadline date to get people to take action sooner than later.

Step Four

Take your marketing pieces to the local post office counter and drop them off. They’ll take it from there.

There are a few more details and I’ll admit the site is not the easiest in the world to use the first time through. But, it is a great tool for small businesses who need to reach a local market.

And, if you take the time to learn the system once, you’ll be able to create your own marketing campaigns very quickly.

Bottom Line

You now have an effective way to reach your target market without some of the past headaches. This empowers you to take control of your marketing and not rely on some ad salesman. Nobody cares as much about the success of your business as you.

The #1 thing you should be doing in your business is sales and marketing. Get to it and start creating your own direct mail profit funnels today.

Sean McCool is an award-winning copywriter and the author of Marketing Secrets of the Ice Cream Man. He is known as The Profit Funnels Guy™ because Sean shows businesses how to set up multiple Profit Funnels™ throughout their business. Sean can be reached through his website,