Neolith, one of the leading global companies in the sintered stone industry, has just opened a new 45,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art distribution center in New Jersey, servicing New York and the Tri-State area, in line with the company’s aggressive strategic expansion in the North American market.

Neolith Announces NJ Showroom  Opening to Serve the North  American Market

This opening follows recent openings of Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida, adding over 100,000 square foot of extra surface in state-of-the-art centers. With this, Neolith completes directly and through its network of collaborating partners a total of 35 distribution centers, becoming the largest specialized sintered stone distribution network in the entire U.S. market.

“As we already announced in our expansion plan, the U.S was one of our strategic markets and here we are, today, pleased to announce that we are materializing our commitment” said Jose Luis Ramon, CEO of Neolith Group who continued by saying “where we have excellent growth prospects in the country of over 50 percent this year, driven by a strong demand from multiple applications, specially kitchen and bath, and interior design decoration, our iconic strongholds.”

Neolith has responded by establishing a design team specializing in the U.S. market, creating a line of design, colors and collections specially thought to inspire the local market.

“This is just the beginning; it is going to be a great transformation and we will capitalize on the huge potential it brings. The U.S. stands at the forefront of architecture and design worldwide, while Neolith is the brand of choice for the world’s most bold and innovative architects and designers.

“We are very pleased to be able to work side by side with them, with more intensity than ever, designing and creating unique spaces to be lived in, and this can only be achieved by providing an excellent service from start to end, to deliver the best-in-class brand experience” says James Amendola, vice president for North America at Neolith.

Neolith residential project. Photography: Hilary Hale Interiors

Neolith residential project.    Photography: Hilary Hale Interiors

Amendola’s argument is supported by the results of a survey conducted by the company at a global level: nearly 90 percent of architects and designers surveyed would recommend Neolith for their projects, for its ability to combine design and functionality, as well as for being the most sustainable in its category.

Simply put: Sintered stone is a value at the forefront of market interest, and Neolith is at the forefront of sintered stone. 

While environmental world leaders are currently pledging to cut carbon emissions, Neolith prides itself in being the first company in the category to become carbon neutral. Striving to continue being the greener and safer overall surface solution while strongly supporting a circular economy, Neolith is day-to-day enhancing its innovation program and product sustainability as demonstrated by its recent celebrated green technologies 90R and NeolEAT.

Neolith has been recognized in the world of architecture and interior design with such awards as Architectural Digest Awards, Interior Design Best of the Year, Architectural Record Products of the Year, and the Red Dot Awards, among others.

Neolith is used extensively in the Chase Center Stadium, in San Francisco, CA. Photography: Misha Bruck

Neolith is used extensively in the Chase Center Stadium, in San Francisco, CA.    Photography: Misha Bruck

Founded in 2009, Neolith is the leading global brand in sintered stone. A revolutionary and innovative architectural surface made from natural materials and with superior technical characteristics, Neolith is ideal for the most demanding interior and exterior building projects.

Neolith is renowned for its quality, versatility, durability, elegance and style as well as sustainability and practicality. Around the world it has become a trusted “go-to” or “wow” element in any uniquely designed kitchen, bathroom, facade, flooring, and even furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces, combining exquisite design with high functionality.

Committed to social responsibility, Neolith is also the first company in its sector to have reached carbon neutrality, in 2019. The company is currently in the middle of global expansion effort in areas like North America, Europe, China and Australia to continue its mission of creating unique spaces and extraordinary experiences featuring functionally sustainable design through direct distribution and an extensive sales network.

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