One weekend in February, a man in Raleigh, North Carolina, was stopped at a red light when the woman in the car next to him exited her car and approached his passenger window. 

The woman – a total stranger – screamed at him, “Fix my car! Fix the problem!” he reported to ABC11-TV. “Once I locked the car, she got more aggressive.” The man wanted to drive away, but he was boxed in by cars. “Next thing I know, I seen the knife coming out – a big machete-type knife – she pulled it out from her sleeve” and started beating his passenger-side window with it.

Eventually, the angry woman broke through the window. “I was just pressed against my driver-side seat… until I could step on the gas,” he said. When the light changed, he drove to a police station, where he filed a report. Raleigh police are investigating to determine the mystery woman’s identity.