Jon Kaplan

President, Poseidon

I am proud to say that today marks my 100th day in the position as President of Poseidon! It is time the story is told about our CEO, Joe Alva, a person who at times is misunderstood. Once you understand his Core Value and Core Purpose, you are a friend for life. I am glad to become part of his life and the Poseidon family, with the ability to work by his side as one of the leadership team to take this Industry by storm.

Joe Alva and I met 4 years ago at TISE and was introduced to me by a colleague and friend. I was currently the leader and Managing Partner of the Rockheads Group. I was told, “You have to meet this special guy who has taken apart and rebuilt every machine in the stone industry. He also is fluent in 5 languages! Joe is a game changer in this industry.” He was right! 

Joe’s story is a typical entrepreneurial dream. Starting from nothing, bootstrapped the vision, overcame adversity, and won! We should not be jealous of this story or the Ferrari. This is a story to be told, to inspire. Share it with your colleagues, friends, family, and especially your kids (our future generations). 

The Ferrari is a symbol of giving back. Joe is creating an experience for the POSEIDON FAMILY, aka our customers, to enjoy. This was never an act of feeding an ego. Many of our customers and those who are reading this can afford a Ferrari, however if you can’t, you should put a picture of a Ferrari on your wall to visualize you driving the Ferrari and you will be motivated, and it will happen! Many of us are striving to find workers. Where did they go? Maybe if they heard the Poseidon story THEY would go to work. 

Together, Joe and I, have spent the last year reflecting on the Poseidon Vision/Mission and our Core Purpose and Passion at Poseidon: 

The Poseidon Ferrari

Creating Lifelong Relationships & Memorable Experiences 

These are not just words. We walk the talk. The Ferrari is a gesture to our customers to create an experience they most likely would not do on their own. That is what Joe Alva is all about. This is not his Ferrari. This is a symbol of gratitude. He won’t be driving it! His Poseidon Family will! 

We look forward to having Stone Industry Fabricators becoming part of our family! 

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