Notable Quotes

Patriotism ultimately springs from a country’s identity, and that identity is first molded by its creators.
Patriots themselves, America’s Founding Fathers spent their lives thinking about patriotism and liberty.
Even though time has passed and things have changed, we can learn from their thoughts and writings on these subjects.


“A spirit of liberty and patriotism animates all degrees and denominations of men.”

— James Madison


“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”

— George Washington


“If ever the time should come, when vain & aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government,
our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

— Samuel Adams


“There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.”

— Alexander Hamilton


“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

— Thomas Jefferson

True patriotism, the only rational patriotism, is loyalty to the Nation ALL the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.

— Mark Twain


“Ignorant Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it,
or because it  may have been planned by those whom they dislike.”

— Alexander Hamilton


“Race, ethnicity, religion, or region never counted for much;
what mattered was what they had behind their belt buckles or between their ears.
Did they have the guts to be Infantrymen and Rangers?”

— Col. Ralph Puckett, Medal of Honor Recipient


Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.

— Will Rogers



“I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.”

— Daniel Boone



“It is better to have died a small child than to be a
politician who gets caught in a scandal during a slow news month.”

— Lewis Grizzard



“Protection … against the tyranny of the magistrate is not enough;
there needs protection against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and feeling,
against the tendency of society to impose, by other means than civil penalties,
its own ideas and practices as rules of conduct on those who dissent from them.” 

— John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)


Optimism is the faith that leads to acheivment.
Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

— Helen Keller


I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.
I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.
I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right,
and part of him when he goes wrong.

— Abraham Lincoln