MB Stone Professional will be offering a new class in stone restoration basics at its new facility in Wilson, North Carolina. Beginning Monday, September 26 – Thursday, September 29, the entire seminar will span three and a half days, with Day 1 being optional.

The optional Day 1 begins at 1:00 PM. The remaining 3 days of class will start at 8 AM and end when someone cries Uncle. Lunch will be provided daily. Transportation will be provided to and from class, if needed as well.

How To Get Started In the Stone Restoration Industry

Day 1 – Equipment Basics (Optional) 1 PM – 5 PM: This section is designed especially for the Novice student, who will need a more thorough introduction to stone restoration and hands-on practice using the tools and machinery needed for the job.

Day 2 – Introductions
, starting at 8 AM: Topics covered on Day 2 will be introductions to:

  • Stone Basics
  • Tools of the Trade

Day 3 – Repairs and Reconditioning,
starting at 8 AM:
Topics covered on Day 3 include:

  • Various Repairs
  • Granite Reconditioning

Day 4 – Stripping, Refinishing, Polishing,
starting 8 AM: Topics covered on Day 4 include:

  • Stripping
  • Maintenance
  • Skill evaluation

NOTE: Day-by-Day outline is not indicative of the order the training is conducted and we are constantly adding to the list to provide the most comprehensive training experience available.

To provide a more conducive learning experience, and to ensure all students have an opportunity to work the equipment, classes will be limited to 10-12 students. 

All topics covered will be demonstrated by instructors to show the procedure. Then students will have the opportunity to get on machines and work what they have been shown for themselves. During this course, each student will fix a crack, polish a vertical and horizontal piece of stone, and hone and polish a floor section using one of our Hyper Grinders and/or a Swing machine. And, don’t forget, we will be available after the official end of each days training session for students that wish to get some additional practice and to make sure students have a grasp of everything we covered.

Intro to Stone Restoration Class

Intro to Stone Restoration Class
The  class will be held in a new facility in North Carolina, located at 2301 Industrial Park Drive, Wilson, NC 27893.

According to class organizers, there will be transportation available from the hotel to the class everyday and lunch will also be provided.

“The class and conversation will continue as we share dinner together, as well,” says Denise Daniels of MB Stone Professional. “Of course, this is optional!”

For those who desire even more in-depth interaction with expert trainers, MB Stone Professional now also offers this training as a private class. Requirements for private instruction are registration of at least 4 to 5 students. Class will be 21 hours of instruction presented in two 10.5 hour or three 7-hour days. These classes will follow the same core topics described above, but presented in an even more dynamic fashion, with lots of hands-on training.

This class is endorsed by MB Stone Professional and promises the same level of stone expertise that is the hallmark of their company. As always, MB Stone Professional is committed to “Education Before Any Sale.”

For additional information on all that will be covered in this training,  please contact the MB Stone Pro office at 888-509-5831. 

See the website www.mbstonepro.com/pages/training for more information on their selection of training programs.