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Rick Stimac

CEO, BB Industries LLC

Rick Stimac, CEO of BB Industries

Rick Stimac, CEO of BB Industries

BB Industries is expanding operations and product offerings for 2023. We’re hard at work completing our 2023 Catalog, available in January 2023 - just call and ask for one.

Our New Salt Lake City Fulfillment Center expansion officially opened in mid-November. We have essentially doubled our Utah (and points west) distribution capabilities. We’ve tooled up to supply the high demand for essential fabrication products. As always, BBI is committed to our money-back guarantee and providing first-class service for all of our products, including our fabricator-favorite Envy sinks.

We’ve been working with a top manufacturer to add more of the popular sizes of stainless steel and porcelain sinks to our Envy sink line. We’ve invested significant resources to make sure we can offer a complete stainless line – for you and your customers.  Our goal is to provide unparalleled service levels as our multiple, well-stocked facilities can ship Envy sinks and many other products quickly across the entire country. If you want sinks, we have them in stock, with a same-day shipping commitment to the entire US.

BBI is sincerely dedicated to being Right There With You in all aspects of stone fabrication. 

Partner with us for a better bottom line in 2023.