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INDEX: August 2012

This issue includes feature stories that take us from Baltimore, to Vermont, and even across the pond to Namibia in Africa, home to the Africa Range® line of granite. Our curious, informative (and often cheeky) team of correspondents offer breaking stories on new product offerings, industry news, advice and commentary, including a Soapbox rebuttal on page 7. As always, we welcome your comments, letters, and suggestions. See our Publisher’s Pen and Slippery Rock Soapbox.

We welcome our readers' comments, including rebuttals, providing we may publish your commentary. 

August 2012 Issue Articles

Steve Tatti Restoration to the Rescue, by Liz McGeachy 

Bringing Africa to America, by Torin Dixon 

New Akemi Platinum Epoxy Acrylate Adhesive 50% Stronger, Faster Cure Time 

Tenth Annual Arley Classic & Trade Show a Major Success 

Slippery Rock Soapbox: From CEO to CEEO–Do You Really Want to Go There? Rebuttal Commentary by Richard Zenobio 

Facecrook is Not for Friending 

From the Publisher’s Pen: Optimizing the Parts Usually “Sub-Optimizes” The Whole 

Wanted: Experienced Pied Piper 

Too Much of Anything is Bad 

Quote of the Month 

Stone Pro Seam Vise Helps Eliminate Seam Failure 

Mexico City Offers Poo-Powered Wifi

Bellavita Tile Appoints Graham Coulter as Operations Manager

OSAI Prima Electro Introduces New CNC Control Platform for Milling Machines 

ISFA Once Again Teaming Up with IWF for Countertops Symposium 

Waiting for Evidence to Move 

Facebook: Love It or Hate It? by Ida Mae Nowes 

US Manufacturer Jet Edge Ships New Equipment to South Korea Following Recently Ratified Free Trade Agreement

The Spitting Image of Delinquency, by Carmen Ghia 

Antolini: The Ultimate Stone Romance at Mega Workshop 

The Dog Did It

Whoa–Bummer, Dude 

Stolen Gun, Will Travel 

No One to Bear Witness 

All Vamped Up 

Sales Is Simply Another Part of Marketing, by Sean McCool 

Every Penny Counts 

Now, That’s Express Mail 

The Meter’s Running 

Smokey Mountain Tops Makes Appearance on DIY Network’s “Run My Renovation”

Leadership Essentials: The Power of the Timeout, by Richard Pierce Thomas 

Mediterranea Unveils “Precious Stones” Collection 

A Beautiful Glass Backsplash-in-a-Box 

Waste Not, Want Not, by Rufus Leakin 

Laticrete Contributes to Multiple Sclerosis Walk 

Snack Attack 

Blame It on the Movies 

Sneaky Sneaker Thieves 

Braxton-Bragg Now Offers Akemi Rust Remover and Rust Remover Paste 

Surfaces Introduces “The Feel Collection”

Hold My Beer… 

I Said Dance! 

Cutting Mean Girls Down to Size, by Carmen Ghia

You’re Lawfully Wetted 

It Won’t Help Your Swing 

Beat the Lock 

The Slippery Rock Classifieds 

The Polished Perspective, by Tom McNall 

Cherry Spitting is the Pits

Big Ben is Really Large Liz

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston, PhD

The Taming of the Shrewd, by Anne Tenna

Humor with a Handicap

The Varmint County Chronicles, by “Boomer” Winfrey

Road Trip 2012: Vermont, by Peter J. Marcucci


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