Stone Fabricator's Alliance logoMost in this industry have heard of the Stone Fabricator’s Alliance (SFA) and have some understanding of their goal to help fabricators through learning and sharing. I want to offer some clarity to the mission of this non-profit and explain what it has to do with a business workshop, a beach, fabrication skills, and some fun. As strange as it may sound, there is a logical explanation and compelling reason it could be valuable to you.

In the past, the SFA has focused on sharing information about fabrication skills, techniques, tools, machines and the like with its members, and providing networking opportunities within the industry. A tremendous amount has been shared over the past 15 years. 

That said, times are changing, and so is the SFA.

We are no longer a group of individuals huddled around our desktop computers fascinated to read Mark Lauzon explain how it’s possible to top polish granite to brilliant shine with a 1,000 grit Alpha pad. Who knows how many threads and posts have been made on our forum over the years, but the number is in the hundreds of thousands.

But as I said, times are changing, and so is the SFA. As a Board member of the SFA, I’ve had the opportunity to hear from many fabricators. One question I hear with increasing frequency and volume is: “Will you do more business-related topics at your workshops?” It’s taken some time to get here, but the answer is yes.  Now the SFA is responding to that question with an event focused solely on increasing our business skillsets.

On November 1–3, 2023, the SFA is hosting StoneBiz On the Beach in Puerto Rico. The focus of this event will be twofold: To increase the business skills of those who attend, and help make connections with others doing the same. To accomplish this, we booked two world-class keynote speakers, Gino Wickman and Casey Brown. Both speakers will do a half-day workshop. Gino will speak on Thursday, followed by Casey on Friday. Their common goal is to fill our minds with information that we can bring back to our places of business, and make measurable changes to our operations.

This event will be an intense business training workshop. Gino and Casey are not coming to offer some rah-rah motivational speech, but to offer something tangible to those who invest the effort to learn the skills needed and effect positive changes in their businesses. If your sole purpose is to find a great party, this event may not be for you, even though we hope to have a great time!


If your business has hit the ceiling, or if you’ve been frustrated and wondered why things are so hard, or if you are just determined to work smarter, not harder, you should strongly consider investing the time and money to come to this event. StoneBiz On the Beach  has been built specifically with you in mind. Your mornings will be occupied with learning, and your afternoons orchestrated to connect you with others who want to grow. You’ll have fun doing it, too. So, join other shop owners, key decision makers, and significant product and service suppliers to our industry at this learning and networking opportunity. Leaders will be there.

If what I’ve described above resonates with you, come join us. Consider this your invitation and encouragement to join the SFA in Puerto Rico and our other events. Next month I’ll be sharing a personal story about how I began implementing EOS from Gino Wickman’s book Traction, and what happened next.

Eric Rolseth has been making countertops since 1985 and he’s been a company owner for 32 of those years.  He’s also an inventor and current Board member of the Stone Fabricators Alliance. For more information, please visit .