In September 2023, almost 70 years after its foundation, Tenax renewed its logo and its brand identity.

Tenax Updates Brand with New Logo and Brand IdentityAs Tenax evolves, they recognized they need players who can adapt to change. This is why they chose Marmomac 2023 as the perfect platform to introduce Tenax’s new identity: A sneak preview that displayed their innovative strategy and drive to become the partner of choice in surface treatments.

In their ongoing mandate to bring surfacing to another level, Tenax has released these mission statements:

  • To generate value within the surface supply chain through research, technology and sustainable development.

  • To be the go-to partner for companies that value the preservation of beauty with innovative solutions, leading the industry into the future.

  • Radical, direct, inclusive: This is our prompt as we urge customers, partners and stakeholders to blaze a new path side by side, elevating surface treatments to the next level.

In this
new chapter in the history of the Tenax brand, certain principles are guiding this transformation.

  • Change is the engine driving the company, while staying faithful to the values that made the brand’s history.

  • Writing the new corporate charter with a robust position, mission,vision, and a unique design system.

  • Including new partners, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

  • Proclaiming a revamped brand attitude oriented to the future.

About Tenax’s New Logo

The new Tenax logo fuses the letters “T” and “X” to reveal an innovative meeting point as well as a dynamic point of departure to reinterpret our values in a new shape.

Tenax SPA is an Italian company and world leader in the production of chemicals, abrasives and tools for the processing of natural stone, quartz and ceramic. For over 65 years it has been offering innovative and technological solutions for surface processing and treatment. With 6 subsidiaries in 4 continents, Tenax is now distributed worldwide in over 100 countries. For more information visit their website