Polycor has announced new organizational changes. Beginning January 2024, Polycor will be merging their Indiana Limestone and Hardscape & Masonry sales team with their Interior Slab and Tile sales team.  The new reorganization will be known as the Polycor Fabrication and Distribution Division.  The new sales structure will have an immediate impact in the market and is designed to increase our sales coverage and customer support. Polycor hopes this will provide their customers with an opportunity to sell the exterior and interior components to a project, and to promote business between Polycor’s Distribution / Dealer customers and their Fabrication network.

The new Polycor sales team will consist of 13 Territory Managers, led by 3 new sales directors all of whom are seasoned Polycor sales personnel.  The Territory Managers will have an expanded portfolio of Polycor products to share with you that will consist of Indiana Limestone block & slabs, Hardscape & Masonry products, Granite & Marble slabs and tiles, Vetrazzo slabs, and French Limestones.  

Polycor has consolidated some geographical coverage to allow their Territory Managers to bring more brand awareness and sales opportunities to their existing customers.  

Polycor VP of Sales and Marketing sent out a message to existing customers: “In the coming weeks, you will be contacted by our Territory Managers to learn more about the changes, and in some cases meet a new Territory Manager that will be servicing your account.  We hope you are as excited as we are with the new changes, and most importantly the new opportunities we intend to bring to your business.”

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