I received a thank you E-mail last night for offering free classified ads on our new Slippery Rock Gazette website (www.slipperyrockgazette.net). Traffic to the site has been growing each week and many, but perhaps not all, of the SRG readers have found their way to our new website.  

It is easy to post an ad and we try to get it posted very quickly. This may be the fastest, least costly way to sell what you don’t need, or find a job, or a business opportunity. Ads can run 30 days for free and can also be renewed for free. New ads are posted every day, so check it out.

Another new feature is live now and will continue to evolve over the next few months. The feature is called “product links” on the top menu bar. “Product Links” is probably not a good description for the feature, but we have not been able to think of a better name. What we have developed is a place where manufacturers of stone, tile, and concrete products can tell you a little bit about themselves and their products, then present hot links to more information and  YouTube videos. Many of the firms in our industry are too small to spend much on advertising. We do not charge the companies for being on this site. Our objective is to give them a voice so they can reach people who might be interested in their products.

A good example is the SKM products company. SKM makes a fine line of marking pens. They believe that if you try their product, you will always request it. Clicking on “product links” brings up an index and product categories. SKM is found on the accessories page, or you can simply type SKM in the search box and you will find the correct link. They are offering free samples to people who call their phone number and request it. I urge you to check it out and if you don’t use SKM markers, give them a try. There is also a link to their website where you can learn more about the company.

We are adding more companies every day and improving the information and the links. We are hopeful that in time, we will have a complete library of information and videos that cover all of the high-quality manufacturers that serve this industry.

Thanks for reading,

Rich Hassert

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