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The Voice Of The Stone Fabricator

In this Issue...

MightySlab™ is Porcelain’s Newest Superhero, by Peter Marcucci

Yellowstone Rock: Made by Volcanic Hot Springs, by Karin Kirk


  Training, Safety and Education                       

Industry Calendar of Events and Training: July to August 2024

Your Playbook for Effective Management,  by Ed Young

Lean Malpractice: Prematurely Applying Single Piece Flow,  by Rick Phelps

Unlocking Success: Customer Experience Strategy Essentials, by Darlene Compagna

NTCA Announces New Course “Tile Design Trends and Installation”

Your Shop is Slow – What Should You Do? by Stephen Alberts


  Industry Topics, Tips and Featured Columns    

How to Follow-Up Like a Pro, by Steve McKenna

The Stone Detective: The Case of the Talking Floor, by Frederick M. Hueston

Just a Reminder, by Sharon Koehler

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner – Accessories are Essential, by Bob Murrell

Preventing Silicosis Conference Held at UCLA, by Jim Hieb


  Industry News                                  

BB Industries Expands U.S. Local Sales Force

TCNA Helps Investigate Ceramic Tile Dumping from India

Call for Entries 2024 ISFA Awards


The Lighter Side 

Notable Quotes

My Fourth of July Food Fight is Always a Tasty Success,  by Sam Venable

The Slippery Rock Funny Pages

    Cartoons by Mark Anderson

    Black Market Bricks Busted

    Pinball Wizard

    Going to the Not-Dogs

   YouTube Celebrity Arrested for Fireworks Shenanigans

   Croatia’s Mercedes Monument Honors Emigrants

Contributors & Staff

  Rick Stimac 


  Larry M. Hood

Editor and Design Director  

  G. William Brown

Graphic Designer  

  Mark Anderson  

Department of Humor  

  Jim Hieb

CEO, Natural Stone Institute  

  Frederick M. Hueston

Stone Forensics Investigation  

  Karin Kirk  

 Sharon Koehler

Stone Industry Consultant  

  Rufus B. Leakin

Guru of Urban Folklore   

  Peter Marcucci

Special Contributo  

  Steve McKenna

North Star Productions  

  Bob Murrell

Restoration Consultant  

  Rick Phelps

Synchronous Solutions  

  Justin Shaw

Stone Fabricator Elite  

  Ed Young

 Fabricator’s Business Coac  

  Sam Venable

Department of Irony  

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