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WE start 2012 off by looking back with our Alan Larabee interview, and looking forward to a great year with our Pro-Seal profile, stone industry product reviews, and helpful advice from our industry consultants. All of us here at the Slippery Rock Gazette wish our readers a safe and prosperous new year. Please browse and explore our revamped website, take advantage of years of stone industry resources including product reviews and shop safety, and how-to articles. Have a good read, and as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions!

January 2012 Issue Articles:

Alan Larabee’s Lifetime in Stone, by Liz McGeachy

Pro-Seal Preserves from the Black Hills to China, by Joel Davis

Champlain Stone Offers New “Sales Box” to Customers and Prospects 

Playing a Gunman on TV

CoverQUIK Tile to Introduce “Innovation in Renovation” Programs at Surfaces 2012

From The Publisher’s Pen: New Slippery Rock Website

Wrong Man Wins Local Election

Hey, Give Me Some Credit, Here!

No Rest for the…uh, Weary? by Rufus Leakin

Only Santa Can Do That

The Magic of a White Christmas, by Ida Mae Knowes

TileRedi® Offers Handy Display for Dealers and Distributors

Mercado Machinery Distributing Jet Edge Waterjets in Mexico

Laticrete Helps New Jersey Boxing Club Pursue More Knockouts

Artisan Stone Group Member FLOFORM Countertops Warms Up with“Cut the Cold” Coat Drive

Laticrete MVP 3.0 Successful Contractor Loyalty Program Upgraded

A True Redneck Security System

Generating Return Dollars on Previously Installed Jobs, by Kevin M. Padden

Jackasses on a Plane

How Not to Walk the Dog

The Skies Are Not So Friendly, Anymore, by Carmen Ghia

Jet Edge Adds Waterjet Training Workshops at Shanghai, China Office in 2012

10 Great Fabrication Products You Shouldn’t Be Without in 2012, by Peter J. Marcucci 

Earning the Privilege To Be in the Dogfight, by Richard Pierce Thomas

A Quote for the New Year

Artisan Group™ Countertop Fabricators Raised $32,000 to Help “Homes for Our Troops” Build Homes for Injured Veterans

Booty Call Busted

Love Letters are Too Sweet

MIA Accredits First Canadian Company

Eleven to the Fifth Power

The Polished Perspective, by Tom McNall

Art for Art’s Sake

The Origin of the Original Stone Sleeves™, by Aaron J. Crowley

National Retailer Redesigns with Mediterranea’s “Mountain Timber” on Stores’ Facades

Floform Countertops Opens New Showrooms in Beaverton, Oregon & Spokane, Washington

Good Advice of the Month

How Tom’s Great Idea Can Grow Your Business, by Sean McCool

It’s Miller Time!

Steer Clear of the Roamin’ Steer

Get a Leg Up On Your Fishing

MultiCam® Inc. Introduces V-Series Waterjet

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston, PhD

Scollay Square Relocates to “The Granite Farm”

Leaves You No Place to Hide Granite and Marble Countertop and Floor Repair Service Offers “Boot Camp”

15 New Year Resolutions for Pets

The Varmint County Chronicles, by “Boomer” Winfrey

Marble Institute Awarded Two “Power of A” Silver Awards

Been There, Got the T-Shirt

Snacks Are 20% of Your Grade

Schiffer Publishing Promotes New Book on Stone Structures

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