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INDEX: January 2015

We start this first issue of 2015 with one of my favorite topics: new inventions to make the stone industry safer and more productive. The regular flow of innovations coming from August and Michael Iocco (Fabricators for Fabricators) is impressive, and they have done it again with the Super Fast Sink Bracket. We also present a theme of sorts covering some important health and safety issues in the industry, and present an installment of our Pillars of the industry – an interview with new NTCA president James Woelfel. Read and enjoy the wit, wisdom and industry news offered this month. Send your letters and comments to If your shop is doing something interesting– we want to know!  

–Wishing all of our readers a most prosperous New Year  – Larry Hood, Editor

January 2015 Issue Articles

Super Fast Sink Bracket, by Joel Davis

Safety First  – Always, by Sharon Koehler 

From the Publisher’s Pen, by Rich Hassert 

When Everyone Is Resolute 

Does the Application Fit the Material? by Jodi Wallace

Todd Johnson Is the Newest Braxton-Bragg Salesman

You Can’t Beat That 

Health Care: Do Your Homework, by Ben Cole 

Braxton-Bragg Adds Bereczky to Marketing Team 

Whatcha Got Cookin? 

Arizona Tile Honored with Industry Partner Awards

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston, PhD  

NTCA Awards Goldberg with the 2015 Ring of Honor Award

Defying Gravity, by Aaron J. Crowley

Six TexaStone Quarries Awarded Gold Certification 

Legal Fowl Play 

Heads You Win, Tails You Don’t Lose Much, by Richard Pierce Thomas 

One Zombie Nation 

Pillars of the Industry: NTCA President James Woelfel, by Peter J. Marcucci 

A Healthy Blaze, by Sarah Rohr

The Origin of Snow, by Sam Venable 

Sports Quote of the Month 

Restoration & Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell 

The Appropriate Use of Adhesives in the Stone Industry, by Mike Beckmann

The Slippery Rock Classifieds 

Bo Knows 

Armed and Very Pregnant 

Attendee Registration Officially Opens for The International Surface Event 2015 

Ecolab Contributes $2 Million to Water Conservation Efforts 

Maybe a Much Younger Version 

The Varmint County Chronicles, by Boomer Winfrey 

The Viles Arboretum Symposium: The Little Arboretum that Rocks!
by Peter J. Marcucci 


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