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INDEX: April 2015

This month we profile a third-generation company founded almost a hundred years ago by an immigrant passing through Ellis island, New York. Like many of the experienced stoneworkers of the day, Mario Santarossa and his partner Louis Toffolo learned their trade apprenticing with master masons, and the company they founded in the 1920s continues that legacy of craftsmanship today. This month we also present Part 2 of our coverage of the Pinnacle Awards, and the Stone Craftsman of the Year award, the Migliore Ward for Lifetime Achievement, and a new alert concerning some pending changes to silicon dust exposure regulation. Our special Stone Industry contributors ponder some difficult issues that affect businesses large and small: Communicating with your installers and fabricators, advice on documenting your work as insurance against install damage claims, and the importance of creating a web presence for your shop. Thanks for reading- I hope this April issue entertains as well as informs. Larry Hood - Editor

April 2015 Issue Articles

Santarossa Mosaic and Tile, by Peter J. Marcucci 

From the Publisher’s Pen, by Rich Hassert 

We Won’t Get Fooled Again 

David Carnevale Selected as MIA Treasurer 

Words of Wisdom from Winston Churchill 

Say Cheese! by Sharon Koehler 

The Joke’s on YOU, by Phil Ryder

Is Your Company Properly Positioned in the Age of the Internet?  by Ben Cole

Pretty Dam Determined 

Quote of the Month 

Common Sense: Lost But Not Forgotten, by Jodi Wallace

Industry Responds to NIOSH/OSHA Silica Hazard Alert 

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center? Now You Know 

Jeffrey Matthews Receives 2014 MIA Migliore Award for Lifetime Achievement 


Memorable Moments in MLB Spring Training History

Suspected Burglar Falls Through Store Ceiling, Lands Near Police 

Did You Know… 

Stephan Follega Awarded 2014 MIA Stone Craftsman of the Year 

Poor Richard’s Almanack 

Politically Correct Cities, by Sam Venable

Sports Quote of the Month 

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston 

The Mystery Winchester 

Wacky Thievin’ Varmints 

The Varmint County Chronicles, by Boomer Winfrey 

Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell

The Slippery Rock Classifieds 

Casinos Place Their Bets on Waterjet-Fabricated Floor Designs

2014 MIA Pinnacle Awards (Part 2) 


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