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INDEX: August 2015

August 2015 Issue Features

NSF Surfacing Certification Explained, by Mike Kohler

Are Quartz Countertops Safe? Editorial by Rich Hassert

The Stone Detective, by Dr. Frederick M. Hueston, PhD

What Super Hero Are You? by Jodi Wallace 

Using the NSF / ANSI Standards in Your Shop, Q&A with Mike Kohler 

Notable Quotes: Robert A. Heinlein

The Duncan Stone Company, by Joel Davis

The Publisher’s Pen

Varmint County, by Boomer Winfrey 

Get Internet Exposure, by Sharon Koehler

The Curious History of Sergeant Stubby

Notable Quotes: Mark Twain

Montana Head Count

MIA Releases New Video, From the Quarry to the Kitchen

Hand Tool Definitions

Notable Quotes: Terry Pratchett

The Ultimate Excuse, by Sam Venable

Notable Quotes: John Wayne

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell

Notable Quotes: Jack Handey

Why I Use Kanban Strategy for Fabrication Supplies, by Aaron Crowley

Phone Scammer Gets a Surprise When He Dials this Guy’s Phone

Notable Quotes: Pat Sajak

Bad News for Beaver Dam: No Roos Allowed

Guaranteed Cure

Good Help Is Hard to Find

Restoring Chrome? How to Remove Rust from Chrome Using Aluminum Foil 

Did You Know…

WerkMaster™ Takes the Mystery Out of Refinishing Terrazzo Floors

New York Man Claims Fortuneteller Scammed Him for $700K

Help! There’s a Tiger in My Driveway!

2 Girls Ordered to Close Lemonade Stand for “Lack of Permit”

Cosentino Center Hosts Successful Stone & Wine Event

Notable Quotes: Charles Schulz

A Just Punishment

Notable Quotes: Bob Hope

Woman Reports $5 Pot Ripoff, Ends Up Charged

Sounds Like Otis and Andy, Again

Notable Quotes: Hank Aaron

STONEYARD® Adds Portsmouth Granite™ to Its Line of Thin Veneer Natural Stone

Sagging Clue Leads to Burglary Arrest

Notable Quotes: Groucho Marx

Stone Pro Introduces Hydraulic Beaver Edge Chiseling Machine 

The Slippery Rock Classifieds

The Funny Pages

WerkMaster™ Titan XT Case Study: DFW International Airport


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