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Featured in this issue

Passion and Precision Equals Success in the Land of 10,000 Lakes,  by Peter J. Marcucci  

Discovering the MIS+BSI, by Michele Farry  

Facebook Rules and Etiquette, by Sharon Koehler  

Natural Stone Resource Library Surpasses 50,000 Downloads

Notable Quotes

The Original Headbanger?

Just in Time for Oktoberfest  

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston    

Braxton-Bragg Partners with Susan J. Komen Foundation to Continue  the Fight Against Breast Cancer  

Laser Products Appoints Kevin Yeh Director of Marketing 

Look Out Below!  

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell  

Angie’s List: New and improved,  by Sharon Koehler  

The Eclipse of Natural Stone?  by Mark McMunn  

Artisan Group Makes New Executive Staff Appointments  

Up in Smoke, by Sam Venable 

The Great Clean-Up Caper

Seeing the Big Picture 

It’s Not Roadkill, It’s DiGiorno  

U.S. Congressman Duncan Visits TCNA Headquarters  

The Funny Page

The Wrong Kind of Doughnuts  

Laser Products Selected for 36th Annual Inc. 5000 List  

Silicosis Training Resource Added to Natural Stone University  

Pennywise and Pound Foolish

New Diamond Lubricant from Dr. Fred Saves Time and Money  

Stone Craftsmanship: A Rare and Irreplaceable Skill, by Teresa Meek  

Krusin' In My Kart

Jim Belilove of Creative Edge Develops Documentary on WWII Fighter Pilot Jerry Yellin

Travertine: Watching Stones Form in Real-Time, by Karin Kirk

$1M Bill Deposit Attempt Leads to Iowa Man’s Arrest on Drug Charges  

Update Your Tile Technical Library with New Releases from the Tile Council   

Park Industries Hosts November Digital Stoneworking Expo

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