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Featured in this issue

DEPARTMENTS: Industry Spotlight

Slippery Rock’s Stone Industry Rock Star: Vincent Salemi, Terminator Diamond Products, Inc. by Peter Marcucci

Zares II: A CNC’s Best Friend?  by Peter Marcucci

Fifth Gear Tech Solutions: “By Fabricators for Fabricators” by Shannon Carey

Training and Education Sponsored by Braxton-Bragg Academy

Communication and Accountability,  by Ed Hill

2018 TCNA Handbook Available

Notable Quotes

Industry Topics and Tips

Keep Up,  by Sharon Koehler

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston 

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell 

Installer Turnover, by Aaron Crowley 

Traditional Versus Outdated, by Mark McMunn 

Green Stones, by Karin Kirk 

Spoofing Losses Can Be Covered by Captive Insurance, by Randy Sadler 

Stone Industry News and Regulars

Braxton-Bragg Renews Distribution Partnership with Alpha Professional Tools®

Braxton-Bragg Exhibits New CNC Product Lines at Artisan Group Industry Showcase

NSI Announces Call for Entries for 2018 Industry Recognition Awards

Sims-Lohman Acquires Werthan Granite Shop in Nashville, TN

NTCA and Industry Sources Support CEFGA Career Expo and SkillsUSA Competition

Crossville Announces 2018 Recycling Program Milestones

Bostik Products Showcased at Material Connection

Natural Stone Institute Announces 2018 Pinnacle Awards Call for Entries

Chicago Ritz-Carlton Wraps Its Lobby in the Thinnest Marble Slabs on the Market, by Steven Schrenk

Laser Products Announces New Business for Fabricators

NTCA Celebrates 2017 Tile Person of the Year at Coverings 2018

NTCA Announces Appointment of 2018’s First Five Star Contractor

The Lighter Side

Do You Mind if I Drop In?

The Old Five-Finger Estate Sale Discount

The Funny Page

What I Did On Spring Break

Critters in the News

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?  by Sam Venable

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