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INDEX: June 2013

THIS month we are honored to present two stories that cover organizations of great historical significance to the stone industry: the Alberene Soapstone Company, and the Elberton Granite Association. In this issue we continue with our “Rock Stars Among Us”column, introduce a new series that answers the question, “Where does your granite come from?” and bid a happy retirement to our Nubbins, TN correspondent, writer Ida Mae Nowes, who has penned her wonderful stories for over a decade. As always, send your letters to  We especially want your nominations for our “Rock Stars Among Us” column – thanks for your suggestions. L.H.

June 2013 Issue Articles

Alberene Soapstone Company, by Stacy B. Williams 

What Kind of Stunt is This?

Father’s Day Quote 

In Memory of Elio E. Salvo  

Introducing River Valley Series  

From the Publisher’s Pen

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston, PhD 

Tall Niches–New Innovation from Noble Company

Advice to Myself, by Ida Mae Nowes 

It’s Operations, Not Heroics that Wins the War, by Richard Pierce Thomas 

MIA Releases 2013 Awards Program Call for Entries 

NKBA Celebrates 50 Years of Leadership Through Learning 

Edgetite Paver Edging Spikes Make Installations Stronger and More Secure  

Creative New Backsplash Idea 

It’s All About Dad  

Tennessee Sculptor Bill Ralston Turns Limestone Boulder Spud into Gold, by Stacy B. Williams 

The Polished Perspective–Beauty and the Beast, by Tom McNall 

Stones of the World: Brazil’s Seductive Exotics, by Peter J. Marcucci  

MIA Releases Stones of North America iPad App, V2  

Rock Stars Among Us: Don Halvorson, by Tom McNall  

Graham’s Good Grammar  

Facebook Trumps Parking Ticket  

Nectar of the Southern Gods, by Sam Venable  

Sports Quote of the Month

The Slippery Rock Classifieds  

Top 12 Installation Products That Help You Get It Done, by Peter J. Marcucci  

The Elberton Granite Association, by Peter J. Marcucci  

The Varmint County Chronicles, by Boomer Winfrey   

Superabrasive Introduces Its Own Line of Lavina® Vacuums 

Heat-Stroked in New Mexico  

Coverings 2013 Green Platinum Projects Demonstrate Invaluable Role of Tile + Stone in Sustainable Design


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