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  Above and Top: In progress and completed trench and pit drain
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We also optimize our clients’ trench layouts for future expan- sions and add-ons. After installing thousands and thousands of feet, I can honestly say that the best sys- tem out there is our Mega Max® Insta-Pour. We have not had any callbacks in fifteen years, and we are very proud of that.”
Mega Max® Insta-Pour® is a pre-engineered, cast-in-place con- crete forming system for forming surface drainage trenches, catch basins, utility chases and voids in concrete placements. The sys- tem includes expanded polysty- rene (EPS) form profiles, steel inlay rails, patented no-float legs, grates and grate retainers. Mega Max® Insta-Pour® is available in various widths, depths, slopes and trench bottom configurations. Its smooth, radiused bottoms make a tremendous difference when it comes to sediment build-up. It can also be quickly installed, so that there’s a lot less lost shop production time.
Life in the Trenches
A family-owned company, Rockcrete USA’s radius of ser- vice is nationwide as well as ex- tending to Canada. All work is performed using staff employees, not subcontractors, so the client is assured of consistent quality performed in an expeditious man- ner, said Liebenberg. “We always try to optimize our installation projects by working nights and weekends. Our crews are very ex- perienced with all and any situa- tions during installations. Nobody knows what’s underground, such as bedrock or a high water table and things like that, but we can
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 handle any situation. If there is a problem, we usually know how to fix it. And if this type of prob- lem is addressed in our contract, yes, we may take a day longer to complete, and we are going to take care of it for a specified cost. We’ve dealt with so many shops in so many different locations that problems are expected, and we know exactly how to handle them.
“Additionally, sometimes cli- ents have last minute changes that can be addressed expeditiously, as well.
“For example, we had one in- stallation That consisted of 650 feet of finished trenches, and we were in and out in five days with minimal disruptions to the client. Our mantra is, ‘If we pour your trench today, you can use the trenches tomorrow’. The concrete we use allows us to do this.”
Rockcrete USA’s products and services are a la carte, meaning that you can order the materi- als and do the labor yourself. However, this may not always be the best choice, said Liebenberg. “I see that a lot of our clients in the stone industry are buying our products from our online store. We do have a wide variety of products available, and we can suggest exactly what to buy, so that clients can simply do an on- line purchase and install their trenches themselves. Installation is easy if a shop has a person with the correct background and know- how. That is, of course, unless he runs across a problem such as a lot of small rocks, or large stones, or a high water table. Many times people don’t know how to deal with these problems. We have the experience, and in these situations we can fly a guy there, and instal- lation will go so much faster just because there is now an experi- enced crew leader onsite who has
done many installations. Then the client can get it done correctly, and get on with fabrication.
“If the client does decide that he’d rather have his system in- stalled, we can mobilize quickly. There is no learning curve for us. Once we get to the client’s location, there’s only five things we need to know to get started: what’s the access to the building like, who’s going to lock up the building at the end of the day, where’s the water, where’s the electricity, and where’s the rest room! After that, we really don’t need to bother anyone except the production manager, and he’s just needed to coordinate where we need to be and at what time, so he doesn’t’ need to shut the entire shop down. We get in, we get it done, and we get out.”
Trust In the Pros
“Think about it! If some- one spends a lot of money on
Left: Mega-Max trench and bridge saw walls for a large stone fab shop. Liebenberg: “When the recession hit us, the idea was to come up with more effective ways to get the same quality, because money wasn’t plentiful in those days. This is when we came up with the Mega Max® Insta-Pour.” this innovation plays a big role in completing installations quickly.
Right: Mega-Max trench drain system for a quarry wire block saw makes for a safer sawing operation.
system, ready to bring the complete shop back online.
    equipment and a shop and all of that, the last thing they want to do is install bad drainage that’s going to need cleaning often, and derail production. Yes, every trench needs cleaning, but if it’s done correctly, your manual cleaning is minimized dramatically. Our products work, and we know how to use them, and when it comes
to trenches, this makes a big difference.
“There is no learning curve for us. We don’t do machine layouts, and our trench layouts are quoted over the phone, so it doesn’t take a lot of time for the client to meet with us to explain a lot of details.
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