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Rockcrete USA– Industry Pros in Building Wet Fabrication Infrastructure
ITwasn’t long ago that a shop looking to in- crease production or go wet was on its own when it came to increasing their clean water supply, handling the ad- ditional wet machine water run- off, and dealing with the residual slurry. Pricey recycling machines were available, but placement and how to get the water to them were
the tough questions.
Once these questions were an- swered, though, it was time to get out the concrete saw and sledge hammer and start cutting your shop floor for trenches. But wait! Did you remember to figure out how wide and deep and how much slope from point A to point B is needed so the slurry makes it to the recycle machine? That’s a big question, and not every shop owner is an engineer. It is these and other factors that addition- ally need to be addressed prior to cutting up your floor. Trust those who have been through the process; a little forethought in the placement, type, size and elevation of your trenches will pay huge dividends towards a successful, long-term recycling system.
Peter J. Marcucci
Photos Courtesy Rockcrete USA
If you’re not quite sure how to trench your shop, or mount your new saw or robot, why not put it in the hands of a pro.? The expe- rienced team at Rockcrete USA offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for foundations and floors, supporting walls and bases, and trenches and pits for water collection, explained Operations Manager Hank Liebenberg.
“We’ve been doing trenches for fabrication shops and quarries for fifteen years. Our products are well thought out, and well designed, and everything we do is backed-up with a 20-year war- ranty on all structures. As for the client who is sure of what equip- ment is needed for production, but not sure of trench placement, once they give us a drawing of where their equipment is positioned, we will design various layouts of trenches. Normally, it will be a phase-one, a phase-two or a phase-three depending on what their time frame or budget allows.
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May 2020 VoluMe 26.5
     Rockcrete USA knows exactly what needs to be done to build a water management and trench drain infrastructure for OSHA compliance, and to keep your workforce safe.
Below, Right: Rockcrete USA's patented Mega-Max® trench easily installs to upgrade any fab shop.
    Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations Team Unites to
ABattle COVID-19 Issues
“Of course we have cleaning crews in most of our buildings, but our Safety Czars are going behind them to be vigilant re- garding everything from key- boards to microwaves, to make
 mid the COVID-19 virus pandemic, sure nothing is missed,” said Scott Byers, President Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations in & CEO, Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations. Raleigh, North Carolina assembled a A large portion of Majestic’s business is new home
company-wide health safety team from all loca- tions, called Safety Czars, and these employees are tasked with ensuring that CDC guidelines are followed at their locations, constantly educating about safe hygiene practices and ensuring adequate supplies are in place such as gloves and disinfec- tant. The team is working hard to mitigate the risks and any disruption to operations.
construction, so there is ostensibly less risk. As far as working within occupied homes, they are increas- ing communications and asking questions to ensure all parties feel safe.
“Majestic is taking care of our team, but being smart about interactions,” said Byers. “There is a general understanding of expectations for both our staff and homeowners, keeping the lines of commu- nication open. We are taking extra precautions on our end, to find out if anyone in the house is sick or has unique health conditions, has traveled outside of the US, or is elderly. If everyone is comfortable, we move forward with our job. Sometimes we don’t. One of our installers recently left a job because someone in the house was coughing and he was not comfortable with that situation.”
Currently, in-person client meetings are suspended, and Majestic back-office personnel are working re- motely to align with the protocols put forth by health officials, and only coming by the office for vital pa- pers or functions. Please turn to page 5

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