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Featured in this issue

DEPARTMENTS: Industry Spotlight and Features

Going Green: Is Solar Power Right for Your Shop?, by Peter Marcucci

TexaStone Quarries: A Sustainable Product from the Permian, by Karin Kirk

Darkhorse Lodge Gives Combat Veterans a Safe Space

Training, Health and Education   
Sponsored by BBI Academy

Communication and Accountability,  by Ed Hill

NTCA Announces In-Person Regional Training Schedule for 2021

Stop Counting the Square Feet You Produce,  by Ed Young

Industry Topics, Tips and Regulars

BB Industries Adds Western Fulfillment Center in Utah

How to Identify Fake N95 Masks

The Stone Detective, by Frederick M. Hueston

ASTM International Approves New Standards for Reusable Face Masks

Follow Up on Opportunities and Obstacles in 2021, by Cheryl M. Moore

It’s On All of Us, by Sharon Koehler

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell

Stone and Tile Industry News

BB Industries Adds Three to Outside Sales Force

Natural Stone Institute Announces 2021 Stone of the Year

Trends Report for March, U.S. Single-Unit Housing Starts

MSI Honored with Companies that Care Award

The Lighter Side

Notable Quotes

Never Seek an Errant Egg Until Well After Easter, by Sam Venable

The Funny Pages: Featuring Topical ‘Toons by Mark Anderson

Busting a Move, Robo-Style

Virtue Signaling

All In Favor Say “Meow”

Catch and Release

Will Work for Chicken Feed


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