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Special Focus on the Industry

Fred Hueston Interviews Foster Lyons on Moisture Discoloration,  by Fred Hueston, Transcription by Alice Dean

Cliff Dieker: Stone Carver Extraordinaire, by Ken Scott

Training, Safety and Education

Registration Open for Symposium on Dimension Stone Use in the Built Environment

Industry Calendar of Events and Training: October – December 2022

Roger and His Fabrication Shop, Chapter IV: Hiring Great People, by Rick Phelps

How Do We Get to the Next Level? by Ed Young

90% of Countertop Shops Make This Mistake on Their Website, by Stephen Alberts

International Surface Fabricators Association’s 2022 Annual Conference Agenda

Industry Topics, Tips and Featured Columns

Is Your Past Really Your Past? by Sharon Koehler

The Stone Detective – The Case of the Color-Changing Tile, by Frederick M. Hueston

Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner, by Bob Murrell

Industry News

Pangaea Stone Adopts InRoof Solar Power System

Natural Stone Institute Completes 44th Home with Gary Sinise Foundation

OSHA Regulatory Update: Anticipated Fine Increases Cut from Legislation

Granite Gold® Protection Plan Now Available for All Countertop Providers

BACA Systems Hires Two New Account Execs to Manage Customer Relations in Five States

The Lighter Side

Notable Quotes for October

The Devious Duo Reveal Their Newest Plan to Fleece Fools, by Sam Venable

The Funny Pages, Featuring Cartoons by Mark Anderson

Doughnut Burgler

Fly the Friendly Skies

Too Much Monkey Business

Missing Vincent

I Can’t Drive 55

Contributors & Staff

  Rick Stimac 


  Larry M. Hood

Editor and Design Director  

  G. William Brown

Graphic Designer  

  Gina Covell

Advertising Sales and Social Media Maven  

 Alice Dean

SurpHaces Stone/Tile Technical Writer  

  Stephen Alberts 

Countertop Marketing Co.  

  Mark Anderson

Department of Humor  

  Ed Hill

Synchronous Solutions  

  Frederick M. Hueston

Stone Forensics Investigations  

  Sharon Koehler 

Stone Industry Consultant  

  Rufus B. Leakin 

Guru of Urban Folklore  

  Peter J. Marcucci 

Special Contributor  

  Bob Murrell

Restoration Consultant  

  Rick Phelps

CEO, PK Safety   

  Ken Scott

Special Contributor   

  Ed Young 

Fabricator’s Business Coach   

  Sam Venable

Department of Irony   

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